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Product Packaging Trends for 2016 & Beyond

Transparency, flexibility rank high among consumer needs Standing out on store shelves can be difficult, but with the right package design, your product can catch the eye of every consumer that passes by. What will consumers be looking for in

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Luxe Pack 2016

Pro-Motion Industries, LLC is proud to be part of the exhibitors for Luxe Pack, the only showcase in America dedicated to creative packaging. Welcoming its 14th edition, Luxe Pack 2016 will be the largest event ever where packaging innovation merges in unexpected ways to create the ultimate decorating experience.

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Corrugated Boxes – Cardboard Boxes

What is the difference between Corrugated Boxes and Cardboard Boxes? Corrugated and Cardboard are both paper-centered resources yet they are two absolutely discrete things.People often misunderstand both boxes as same boxes but actually they are not same, they are different.

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The truth about how food packaging influences taste perception

A relationship as old as time, the link between food and the way it’s presented to us is indisputable. Eating is one of the most multisensory activities; we can’t just attribute eating to our taste buds. Scientists have long argued that what is perceived as flavor is actually filtered through many other receptors, such as smell, sight, sound and touch.

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How to Become a More Inspiring Leader in 2016

Habits can be a trap for people in leadership positions—whether they are in business, politics or another field. As leaders, they should provide a compelling vision that inspires those around them. Instead, many of them lapse into automatic and mindless

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