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Welcome to Pro-Motion Industries. Your packaging experts.


Since opening our doors in 1994, we have built a reputation as a company that not only addresses the ever-changing needs of the packaging industry, but do so while maintaining high standards and attention to detail. As one of New Jersey’s leading labeling solutions providers, many labeling professionals have joined our team. We have also amassed an amazing range of packaging equipment, which means we can do many things that other companies cannot.


We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service, and professional integrity.


What We Do

Our reputation is built on customizing applications and equipment to provide customers with high-quality products. We balance your aesthetic goals with logistical realities and our labeling solutions allow your creative and talented packaging designers to make bold choices. We help you achieve the results you need.

Pro-Motion leads the field in terms of expertise, first-class machines and contract decorating, and we specialize in pressure sensitive applications.

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