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What are extended content labels?

Fitting too many label components such as branding materials, design flairs, instructional information, or regulatory disclaimers on a standard pressure-sensitive label isn’t always an option, especially if the packaging is particularly small. Extended content labels fix these issues by increasing

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What Are Pressure-Sensitive Labels

In the United States, pressure-sensitive labels (PS labels) are the most widely used labels for products. In fact, PS labels accounted for 77% of the total labeling demand in 2020.  There are a number of reasons why PS labels are

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What is the best way to label tubes?

Having professional-looking packaging can help you sell your products better. To achieve this for products sold in tube containers (e.g., squeeze tubes for toothpaste, plastic tubes for shampoo) you have three labeling methods to choose from: manual, automated, and outsourced.

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