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Source tagging is the application of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) labels including Sensormatic Ultra-Strip Anti-theft tags and other RF – Checkpoint tags onto products or packaging during the manufacturing or packaging process. Many retail products have these EAS labels or tags which are anti-theft devices that trigger alarms at or near store exits when the tags have not been deactivated at the checkout. Major retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Ames, recently committed to chainwide implementation of EAS systems thus requiring many of their OEM suppliers to quickly implement source tagging into their manufacturing operations. Source tagging will benefit these retailers by giving them the ability to have more open merchandising of high-theft products.

EAM’s primary focus is on the development of custom solutions to your assembly requirements. If you are unsure about the implementation of source tagging because of the scope of the project, ask EAM if they can help out.

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    MINI-ST 300

    Experience swift and precise tagging with the MINI-ST 300 EAS tag applicator. Designed specifically for intermittent motion applications, this security tag applicator boasts rates of up to 250 PPM. Its AC stepper web drive system guarantees high-speed and accurate repeatability, while its PLC controls simplify tagging operations by eliminating the need for umbilical cords and external control enclosures. The compact design of this checkpoint applicator allows for versatile mounting options, making it ideal even for extremely tight spaces.

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    Simplify your tagging operations and unlock new possibilities with the MINI-ST DELTA, a cutting-edge EAS tag applicator solution for a wide range of adhesive labels. With blazing rates of up to 550 PPM, this security tag applicator excels in speed and versatility. The DELTA handles everything from RF and graphic labels to coupon booklets and even RFID tags, all with precision and efficiency. Its sophisticated Micro-Stepper drive system ensures unparalleled accuracy, while its adaptable design accommodates various label sizes, making it a perfect match for businesses seeking a single checkpoint applicator for diverse tagging needs.

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    MINI-ST FG24-2

    Upgrade your high-speed production lines with the seamless integration of the MINI-ST FG24-2, the ultimate security tag applicator solution. This advanced EAS tag applicator is built for continuous motion applications and delivers impressive rates of up to 400 PPM. It also has an optional line-speed encoder for improved accuracy, guaranteeing consistent tag placement every time. On top of these, the checkpoint applicator has an intuitive OIT touchscreen interface and an AC stepper web drive system, making setup and navigation a breeze.

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