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Label Applicators

From agricultural to pharmaceutical to food products, we offer a wide range of purpose-built label applicators that meet your industry-specific decoration needs.

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    Auto Labe Model 390 Automatic

    The Model 390 uses a portable tabletop approach, uniquely designed for labeling small, round products such as test tubes, ampoules, and vials.

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    Auto Labe Model 550 Semi-Automatic

    The lightweight and portable Auto Labe Model 550 offers similar functionalities as a manual dispenser. It moves individual or multiple-row labels and removes them from their lining. The difference is that instead of manually pulling on the liner, a trigger on the dispenser detects the absence of a label then advances the label.

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    Collamat® 7300

    The Collamat® 7300 is a high-performance labeler and the perfect solution for any standard application, even at high speeds or great throughput. It delivers premium, high-quality labels to products across industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, storage, and logistics. With simple design and mechanical efficiency, the C7300 is easy to operate, requires minimum training and maintenance, and is an ideal investment that will yield long-term ROI.

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    Collamat® S100

    The Collamat® S100 label dispenser is the ultimate answer for efficiency and flexibility for both current and future demands in the labeling industry. It is suitable for both simple promotional labeling as well as the more complex integrations in your production line or packaging machine.

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    HERMA 500

    Supreme performance in every respect – that‘s what HERMA applicators worldwide stand for. The HERMA 500 is exploring new horizons. Thanks to its extensive connectivity, it is ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and future-proof in every perspective. Running at up to 200 meters or 2,000 labels a minute, the HERMA 500 is one of the top performers. In synchronous mode with motorized winders and a loop unit, the labels are applied with unrivalled accuracy. An optional cooling element ensures outstanding performance even during 24/7 continuous operation. With its wide range of configuration variants in modular design, the HERMA 500 is a genuine all-rounder.

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    Herma H400 Premium

    The Herma H400 Premium is a powerful, top-of-the-line machine with a servo system. It has everything leading businesses need for high-speed, precise labeling.

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    Herma H400 Vario

    Herma H400 Vario comes with a powerful Servo Labeling System and motor just like the Premium, but is more affordable. As implied by its name, the Vario offers variable labeling speed with up to 40 meters per minute or over 2 feet per second.

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