Collamat® 7300

The Collamat® 7300 is a high-performance labeler and the perfect solution for any standard application, even at high speeds or great throughput. It delivers premium, high-quality labels to products across industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, storage, and logistics. With simple design and mechanical efficiency, the C7300 is easy to operate, requires minimum training and maintenance, and is an ideal investment that will yield long-term ROI.

Product Description

Why is the Collamat® 7300 from Pro-Motion Industries the go-to labeling machine for leading businesses?

  • The printing speed of up to 50 meters or 65 feet per minute allows industries to meet high speed and throughput demands
  • It is compact, space-saving, and easy to operate, exemplifying Collamat’s motto: “Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability”
  • The top-of-the-line machine is specifically built for fully automated applications, guaranteeing long-lasting functionality, accuracy, and reliability

Operational speed: 1-50 m/in (3¼ – 164 ft/min)
Max. label width: (3¼ in.) or 160 mm (6¼ in.)
Labelling accuracy: ± 1 mm (1,25 in.)
Min. label length: 10mm (13/32 in.)
Max label reel diameter: 250 mm (9¼ in.) or 350 mm (13¼ in.)
Connectivity Outputs: Signals for printer and error
Inputs: Goods scanner and end of label detection
Settings: By potentiometers
Drive: 2-phase stepper motor
Control: Microprocessor
Voltage: 115/230 V, 60/50Hz, 198 VA
Feed button: For manual label dispensing, i.e. threading the label web
Applicators: Spring loaded flap, flap with magnet, blow-on, tamp-on
Options: Side labelling kit, extended peel plate, pressure brushes, label end detection, digital control box etc.
Approbation: CE

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