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Over the years, more and more US state laws have been updated in favor of cannabis use. This has paved the way for more cannabis products in the market, particularly those made with cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound extracted from cannabis. CBD products for medicinal purposes are currently dominating the cannabis market

While many business owners in this industry are experts on cannabis/CBD products, they may need help when it comes to cannabis packaging. But don’t worry, this blog will cover cannabis/CBD packaging ideas that’ll surely spark your imagination.

Primary vs. secondary packaging

When designing your product packaging, you can incorporate the following types of packaging:

Primary packaging

Primary packaging refers to the materials that directly hold the product. For example, the primary packaging for CBD oil is typically a glass dropper bottle, while for CBD gummies, it’s a plastic bottle or a zipper bag.

Secondary packaging

In a retail store setting, secondary packaging is typically used for branding display purposes. To illustrate, a box containing a CBD oil bottle will carry the product’s brand name, logo, and distinctive graphic designs. Secondary packaging can also be used to hold individual containers together, like how pre-rolled paper cones of cannabis are placed inside flip-top boxes or when CBD products are wrapped together for a two-for-one deal. 

In an eCommerce setting, the mailer box can serve as secondary packaging. The delivery packaging is crucial to your cannabis branding since it’s the first thing that your customer sees and touches. That’s why you must ensure your mailer box offers your online customers a memorable unboxing experience.  

Packaging options based on cannabis/CBD product type

The type of cannabis/CBD product you have will largely dictate the product container you should use.

Flower and pre-rolls

The cannabis flower refers to the dried herb or buds, which are the parts of the cannabis plant that have been dried and cured. It can be packed inside different types of containers: 

  • Glass suction jar – keeps the flower as fresh as possible since the jar keeps out moisture and oxygen, which are factors that lead to the product drying out or getting moldy
  • Mylar bag – foil pouches that offer protection against moisture, oxygen, and punctures
  • Tin canister – similar to packaging for tea leaves, these canisters protect contents against water damage and accidental rips and tears
  • Pop-top tube – same containers used to hold medicine tablets and capsules 
  • Reversible cap vial – has an airtight push-and-turn cap to keep the flower fresh while also keeping children from opening the vial

Pre-rolls, on the other hand, are cannabis flowers that have already been rolled in paper cones by dispensaries, making these products ready for use. They can be packaged individually in a glass tube with a cork or twist cap, plastic pop-top tube, or sealed pouch. They can also be packaged together in a paper box with a ribbon pull tab or a flip-top cover (like the ones found on cigarette packets), metal tin box, or sealed pouch.

Concentrates, cartridges, and extracts

Concentrates refer to cannabis products that are separated from the plant to leave the desired compound, such as CBD, THC, or other cannabinoids. They are usually stored in tiny containers called dab jars, which are then placed inside a secondary packaging (e.g., paper box) to elevate the branding.

Vape cartridges are high-dosage, concentrated products that are paired with battery accessories. They are typically sold in cardboard blister packs, similar to how lip balms are packaged. Some premium cannabis brands put vape cartridges in hard boxes, just like how fountain pens are packaged. 

Cannabis extracts are a type of concentrate that’s produced exclusively using a solvent. They contain higher levels of cannabinoids than what’s naturally found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis extract products include oral sprays, capsules, and tinctures, which are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that are often consumed sublingually (like with lozenges). Depending on the form they come in, cannabis extracts can be sold in plastic or glass spray bottles, capsule blister packs, or tincture dropper bottles.


There are two types of cannabis edibles: hard and liquid edibles. 

Hard edibles refer to cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, and baked goods. Just like regular chocolates, cannabis chocolate pieces are usually packaged in paper boxes, stand-up pouches, or plastic containers, while cannabis chocolate bars are wrapped in thin aluminum foil and then with paper or put in a box. 

Cannabis gummies are typically sold in tin canisters (like mint tins), plastic containers with twist caps, pop-top tubes, reversible cap vials, stand-up pouches, or medicine blister packs contained in a box. Cannabis-infused baked goods like protein bites and brownies are usually packed in zipper bags, film pouches, or jars. 

Liquid edibles, on the other hand, refer to cannabis-infused soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. They can be packaged in aluminum cans (like with beer), PET bottles (like with sports drinks), or glass bottles (like with sparkling beverages). 


Topicals refer to CBD-infused non-psychoactive products like lotions, balms, and oils that are applied directly to the skin to relieve pain, soreness, and inflammation. Depending on their product format, topicals can be packaged in different types of containers, such as:

  • Jars with caps (like with skin balms)
  • Dab jar (like with eye creams)
  • Tincture dropper bottles
  • Dab syringe 
  • Glass vials
  • Squeeze tubes
  • Spray bottle
  • Pump bottle
  • Plastic or glass roll-on bottle

Other cannabis/CBD packaging considerations

If your brand values sustainability, look into packaging that uses biodegradable or recyclable materials, such as hemp materials, bioplastics, and kraft cardboard. For online sellers, consider using compostable poly mailer courier pouches, which can decompose easily in most landfills.

To ensure compliance with federal and local regulations, incorporate child-resistant locking mechanisms in your packaging as well as tamper-evident features (e.g., adding a perforated laser-lined tear notch above the package opening). 

Whatever packaging you choose for your cannabis product, Pro-Motion Industries has the right labeling solution for it. From shrink sleeves and pressure-sensitive labels to thermal transfer labels or direct thermal labels, we can apply them all for you. Contact us today at 856-809-0040.  

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