What are the benefits of bottle labeling machines?

Product labels play a vital role in the success of any bottled product. Aside from making it easier for consumers to identify what the product is, product labels also help products stand out on retail shelves. But if not properly applied onto the bottles, labels may not look appealing to customers. To prevent this issue from occurring, it’s best to use a bottle labeling machine.

What is a bottle labeling machine?

As the name suggests, a bottle labeling machine is a piece of equipment that applies labels on bottles.

Some machines only apply labels (i.e., label applicators), while others have an additional printing capability (i.e., print and apply label applicators). A label applicator (e.g., Pack Leader’s ELF-50 Wrap Around Labeling Machine) automatically applies pre-printed labels onto bottles. In contrast, a print and apply label applicator (e.g., CTM Labeling Systems 360a Series Label Applicator) prints directly on blank or partially printed labels, which are then applied to the bottle by the applicator.

In terms of the level of automation, bottle labeling machines can either be semi-automatic (e.g., CTM 3600a-PA Printer Applicator) or fully automatic (e.g., Auto Labe Model 550 Semi-Automatic). Though both types of label applicators need someone to manually load products onto the machine, automatic label applicators are faster because their conveyor belts enable multiple containers to be loaded and lined up for labeling at once. In contrast, semi-automatic labeling machines can accommodate only one container at a time.

Semi-automatic label applicators also require a technician to press a switch, foot pedal, or sensor on the machine to apply a label. On the other hand, an automatic labeling machine can properly position the bottle on its own before applying the label.

Why should you use a bottle labeling machine?

There are many advantages to using a bottle labeling machine.

Increased efficiency

When you manually apply pressure-sensitive (PS) labels you’ll need to get a label and then peel off its liner. Then, you must properly position the bottle to apply the label correctly. The process can take a while, especially if you have to label hundreds or thousands of bottles.

But with a labeling machine, you simply need to load the rolls of PS labels and the machine will automatically apply the labels. This speeds up the application process to mere seconds per label.

Moreover, applying labels by hand can be physically demanding and tedious, whereas machines don’t get tired and can continue working at the same pace for hours on end without any issues.

Reduced labor costs

Without a labeling machine, in-house product labeling will require additional manpower. Your existing staff could do it, but that would take them away from their actual duties. You could also have them work overtime to label the products, but then you’d have to pay them extra and run the risk of causing burnout. If you opt to hire additional staff specifically for this task, you’ll incur added labor costs.

But with machine handling bulk of the label application work, you can significantly reduce the costs of salaries, benefits, overtime pay, and those related to break times and sick/vacation days. You can also utilize your existing employees for higher-value tasks, such as quality control and supply chain management.

Improved accuracy

Bottle labeling machines can apply labels more accurately than humans. They can position the bottle exactly the same way each time before applying the label, guaranteeing that every labeled bottle has a tolerance accuracy of +/- 0.3 millimeter. And even as throughput increases, a machine’s label placement will still remain constant.

Unlike with manual label application, labeling products using a machine eliminates issues like bubbling or wrinkling of labels, which can affect the label’s adherence to the bottle or make the printed information on labels difficult to read. In fact, some label applicators have scanners that check if the barcodes and text on the label are legible.

Labeling machines also often have verification capabilities to ensure the right label goes on every product, avoiding rework and needless returns.


By using a bottle labeling machine, you can prevent workplace injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders related to manual label application due to any of the following:

  • Repetitive application of labels
  • Localized pressure on one part of the body
  • Being in the same position for long periods of time
  • Exerting too much force on joints and muscles when loading heavy bottles

Moreover, many labeling machines are equipped with safety features that help prevent accidents, such as sensor-activated applicators and conveyor belts.

Aren’t bottle labeling machines expensive?

Prices for labeling machines differ based on the features each machine offers. For example, a print and apply label applicator costs more than a label applicator, and a fully automatic labeling machine costs more than a semi-automatic one. Labeling applicators that can accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes are also more expensive than ones that are specifically made for a particular bottle design.

The good news is that we at Pro-Motion Industries carry a wide range of labeling machines from Pack Leader, Auto Labe, Collamat, CTM Labeling Systems, and Herma at competitive prices. This means you can easily pick the machine that meets your company’s budgetary and functional requirements.

If you’re considering renting a labeling machine instead, we have you covered as well. You can rent our labeling parts and equipment on either a short- or long-term basis. Our seasoned experts can even redesign and reconfigure our custom-built systems to meet your unique labeling needs. We guarantee that every piece of rental equipment is in top condition before it leaves our facility.

Not ready to purchase or rent a bottle labeling machine?

Don’t worry, we have a solution for that, too. You can outsource your labeling requirements to us instead. Not only do we utilize top-notch equipment, but we also have the expertise and can-do mindset to help you accomplish complicated, demanding projects successfully and within your time frame and budget.

For more information on our labeling services and available labeling machines for sale or rent, get in touch with us at 856-809-0040.

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