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Herma H400 Vario

Herma H400 Vario comes with a powerful Servo Labeling System and motor just like the Premium, but is more affordable. As implied by its name, the Vario offers variable labeling speed with up to 40 meters per minute or over 2 feet per second.

Why choose the Herma H400 Vario from Pro-Motion Industries?

  • The H400 Vario works seamlessly on bottles, bags, FFS machines, boxes, tubs, cartons, lipstick tubes, and lids.
  • It is ideal for OEMs and customers who buy heads to upgrade all types of existing labelers. This is because you can simply mount the head and plug it in, no extra control box required.
  • You’ll have a range of proven, purpose-built electronics and servo controls that have been established and continuously developed for over 100 years.
  • You can easily get the extension kits for custom label height. The standard is 160 mm (6″0) with extension kits for either 240 mm (9″) or 320 mm (12″) maximum label height.
  • One of Herma’s many exclusive features is the twist on/twist off core and rewind holders. This means all you’ll have to do is to twist a knob and the core will be released to load fresh labels. The same intuitive system also applies to the backing paper.
  • In case you need to configure your applicator, the clearly laid-out display panel allows for convenient and simple adjustment to meet all your specific needs.
  • The H400 Vario comes with a loose loop system that removes all tension in the web. It is situated between the reel of labels and the label head. As the labels are being dispensed, the separate loose loop servo drive continually feeds fresh labels into the loose loop box.
  • The Power Unwind and Power Rewind features mean you’ll be able to produce heavy and tall labels much faster and with less hassles. The standard reel is 300 mm diameter (11 1/2″), while the Power Unwind and Rewind reel is 350 mm (14″) and 250mm (10 “) in diameter, respectively.
  • Pro-Motion Industries has a wide range of  mounting brackets, sensors, and adjusters in stock. And our teams are on standby to help you integrate any optional part for a complete Herma H400 Vario that is built around your specific needs.

Boost efficiency and cut costs with top-of-the-line labeling equipment that meets your specific needs and budget from Pro-Motion Industries

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