Herma H400 Premium


Incredibly powerful Servo Labeling System ready to go

The top-of-the-line Herma H400 Premium has everything needed for high speed precise labeling.


The speed is awesome at up to 160 Meters per minute (8 feet per second). Of course no one applies an 8 foot label but there are applications at several thousand labels per minute or dispensing long labels very quickly in between oncoming objects.

The premium (or Premium Plus) has servo tracking, built in. Attach an encoder and it will track and dispense at speeds to match. Ideal for systems that ramp up and ramp down in speed.

The unit shown has Power Infeed and rewind and a loose loop options. These are usually added to a Premium head to achieve the accuracy (often better than a third of a mm) at these high speeds.

Mounted Horizontally

Here the Premium is shown with a horizontal mounting bracket. The height is adjustable up and down and the head slides backward and forward for label rethreading.

Vertical Mounting

Here the Head is mounted vertically on heavy duty brackets with dial indicators for ease of repeat set ups, with both horizontal and vertical adjusters.

Extension kits are available for label height required. The standard is 160mm (6"0) with extension kits for either 240mm (9") or 320mm (12") maximum label height

Perfect for the Role!

An Exclusive Herma feature is the twist on/twist off Core and rewind holders. Just twist a knob and the core is released to load fresh Labels. The same system for the backing paper. Just the faster label changes will probably pay for your Head!

Simple Touch Control

In case you need to configure your applicator, the clearly laid out display panel allows for convenient and simple adjustment to any needed operating parameters.

Optional Loose loop

The loose loop system removes all tension in the web. It is situated between the reel of labels and the label head. As the labels are being dispensed, the separate loose loop servo drive continually feeds fresh labels into into the loose loop box.

Optional Power Unwind

A Power Unwind is recommended when Large Label rolls are used or when heavy (tall) labels are being used. The standard reel is 300 mm diameter (11 1/2") and the power unwind reel is 350 mm (14"). The standard reel is removed and the Power unwind is attached.

Optional Power Rewind

Likewise a Power Rewind is recommended when Large Label rolls are used or when heavy (tall) labels are being used. It is also useful at very high speeds of feed. The Power rewind reel is 250mm (10 ") in diameter.

Right and/or Left Hand heads

Depending on the application both right hand and left hand heads are available. It is important to pick the correct heads or your labels will have to be rewound. The way we remember, is if you are sitting on the conveyor and travelling down it, a Right hand head will be on your right!

End Effects

The modular approach extends to the end where interchangeable choices exist to suit an application including several patented devices.

Shaped containers

A Unique pivoting air operated beak for difficult applications often saves the day.

Brackets, Mounting, Accessories

We have many mounting brackets, sensors, adjusters a complete range of items many in stock available to complete.