Thermal Labels and Ribbon

Whether you need labels for name tags, product IDs, or items for cold or outdoor storage, thermal labels are a long-lasting solution. Pro-Motion Industries, LLC offers direct thermal and thermal transfer labels at any quantity that can be sized and shaped to meet all your needs.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are recommended for those requiring durable but cheaper and easy-to-use labels. They do not require any ink, toner, or transfer ribbon. Instead, they have a special heat-activated layer to print the image onto the label. Direct thermal labels are recommended for indoor use only, as they turn black when exposed to high heat or strong sunlight.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels are recommended for those requiring a more durable, long-lasting label. There is also a wider selection of materials to choose from because they use roll-form labels and printing ribbons and require less heat when printing. This makes thermal transfer labels ideal if you need temperature-insensitive labels.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Pro-Motion offers a wide selection of high-quality thermal transfer ribbons suitable for different materials.

Our staff can recommend the right thermal transfer label and ribbon depending on where or how you’re going to use it, such as whether it’ll be exposed to chemicals or freezing temperatures.

Our array of industry-leading labels include:


Chemical Resistant labels

designed for places that use strong chemicals and solvents


Deep Freeze labels

designed to survive freezing temperatures down to -40°F


Warehouse Retro Reflective labels

designed to support long-distance scanning up to 45 feet


Endura labels

designed to attach to rough-textured and oily surfaces


Lumber Kiln Tags

designed to handle high temperatures and long-term outdoor storage


Direct thermal paper

designed for general-use labeling


Direct thermal plastic

designed to resist abrasion, moisture, and chemicals

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