PRO-625 Front & Back Labeling Machine

Product Description

Model Number:PRO-625


Solid And Easy To Adjust Design
PRO-625 front and back automatic labeling machine is suitable for various one side or two side labeling system. The labeler design is for user to change different product fast and easily to increase production performance.

Upgrade Custom Mechanism Easily
PRO-625 front and back automatic labeling machine also provide more optional and extend functions to increase your management and quality control in production line and also production efficiently.

Suitable For Wide Range Labeling Function
PRO-625 front and back automatic labeling machine is not only suitable for various one side or two side labeling, this labeler also can attach custom mechanism for wider range labeling functions. Let our labeler design team know your request and we will satisfy your need.

Machine Structure

  • Product sensor is adjustable, most convenient for various bottle application. Position setting time also enable the label to be placed in certain area of the bottle.
  • No need for moving label sensor, personnel need to confirm label sensitivity. This will avoid computer autoset fault which increase operate difficulty.
  • The micro processing diagram of labeler control system is battery free. Even when the labeler didn’t operate for a long time can also maintain default setting and memory. The data will not be lost thus won’t cause CPU confusion and machine crash. This ensure after long vacation the machine can still remain the best efficiency doing labeling application.
  • Top chain made in Germany apply for the conveyer system of labeler. It is hard-wearing, durable, stable and operate very smoothly. It provide the best stability for perfect labeling effect which regular conveyer can not compete.
  • The mobility castor is convenient for moving the labeler to support another production line. Therefore, it has good mobility and great investing benefit.

Operation & Functions

  • Hot Foil Printer Activate Function
    Within standard labeler equipped control ability for future add of hot foil printing device. The control can also set printing timing to ensure most clear for the information for the good impression of the customer.
  • Human Technology Label Length Set
    Gentle press on the labeler control panel will complete label length setting automatically. This unique setting method will ensure label setting accuracy. It will also avoid the mistake when the label produced is not perfectly match the previous roll(for exactly the same label, printed by different label printing company the gap in between might varies thus the length set is different also). This kind of setting method is most convenient. Thus doesn’t have to be highly qualified personnel to operate this advanced labeling equipment.
  • Miss Label Set
    Prevent product miss-labeled to ensure product accuracy while production and fulfill production QC procedure.
  • Production Preset Function
    Preset for objective production quantity. While labeling achieved preset quantity, labeler will automatically stop for production management purpose.
  • 30 Lots Cross Memory Module
    Record the best labeling setting method for the best productivity. Convenient for multiple product production line.
Supply Voltage 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
Power Consumption 1320VA
Dispensing Speed 36m/min max.
Conveyor Speed 36m/min max.
Applicator Height 180mm / 250mm
Label Size 170mm x 300mm max.
Conveyor Width 160mm
Spool Diameter 76mm
Dimension 2420mm (L) x 1756mm(W) x 1429mm(H)

—Specifications are subject to change without prior notice—-

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