PRO-215 Top Labeling Machine

Product Description

Model Number:PRO-215


Accurate Labeling
The PRO-215 Top Automatic Labeling Machine is controlled by a Japanese micro process controller, incorporated into the micro stepper motors, allowing efficient, accurate, and precise labeling performance, providing the finest image of the product.

User Friendly Adjustment And Control
The user friendly hand wheel mechanism allows for easy and efficient adjustments of labeling position and other corresponding structures. The touch panel control all the parameters without complex adjustments needed. Both regular staff and temporary personnel will be able to operate the machine with short training, maximizing flexibility in arrangement of human labor force.

Monitoring and Management Function
Labeling quantity, pre-count function, and missing label detection are ensures production accuracy, helping both management and production. Together, they form a full time QC engineer watching over your production efficiency and accuracy.

Frame Assembly

  • Main labeling structure is made from S304 stainless steel and hardened anodized aluminum. Maintenance is easy and efficient.

Control Interface

  • Control system of labeler utilizes a large touch screen panel certified by CE and UL regulations for efficient and effective monitoring of the labeling result.
  • Control box and external connection of labeler pass CE Marking and UL safety regulation with IP65 level to ensure control system life time and stability.

Applicator Assembly

  • Utilizes Panasonic’s micro process controller PLC, ensuring a fast a steady performance.
  • Label dispensing is driven by stepper motor in order to maintain labeling accuracy at high speed with high efficiency while keeping power consumption low. (For high speed demands, servo motor can also be used instead)
  • Famous branded fiber optics and infrared sensor utilized for precise detection and signal triggering without interference.
  • Standard applicator widths of 180mm and 250ml are also optional. Applicator is ready for future hot foil printer assembly attachment.
  • Labeler comes equipped with adjustable hand wheel assembly, providing efficient and effective adjustments of label positioning for maximum production output.

Machine Component Advantages

  • 9.Maintenance is easy and efficient.
  • Delicate VFD controller ensure speed stability and +/-0.5% inaccuracy rate.
  • Guide rail portion is made with high quality aluminum covered with hard-wearing industrial plastic to ensure accurate labeling and product protection, keeping the customer’s product attractive and in perfect condition.
  • Labeler base is made of stainless steel to ensure full anti-rusting. This design ensures the machine and production space hygiene are maintained which is normally neglected by other manufacturers.
  • Wheels keep the machine portable, convenient when shifting to different production lines. This supportive mobile strength increases the value of your investment.
Supply Voltage 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
Power Consumption 500VA
Dispensing Speed 40m/min max.
Conveyor Speed 40m/min max.
Applicator Height 180mm / 200mm / 250mm
Label Size 170mm x 300mm max.
Conveyor Width 180mm
Spool Diameter 76mm
Dimension 1500mm (L) x 941mm(W) x 1593mm(H)

—Specifications are subject to change without prior notice—-

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