Code Tech CT-iJET​

The iJet is a self-contained HP print module that accesses power and data over Ethernet. It is the go-to machine for a seamless integration into track and trace systems. It works with a variety of inks for porous and nonporous surfaces, including food-grade materials.

Product Description

Why do leading businesses choose the iJET​ Jet from Pro-Motion Industries?

  • All in one solution: The total control is provided in the print head
  • Easy integration in already existing installations
  • Easy navigation through the whole system by iLOGIK interface and high-resolution display
  • Input of variables and parameters by the iLOGIK interface (man/machine interface)
  • Variety of interfaces: BlueTooth, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Animated graphics for an easy handling
  • Real-time printing of variable data from a single database (up to 1200 per minute)
  • Max. print speed: Up to 90 m/min by 300 dpi
  • Simple replace of cartridges by Click‘n Print technology
  • Max. print height: up to 12.5 mm with one print head
  • Integrated photocell for an optimized product identity
  • Dimensions: 180 x 38 x 96 mm

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