Done Well in America

By Kelly Cone

Many years ago, we started our small company with the hope of achieving the American Dream.

It was a tenuous challenge at first as we struggled to find a home for our business, build a customer base and pay the bills. Eventually, we found our company’s home in a small town in NJ and in this small town, we found our first customers, “The American Farmer”.

While not all of our equipment was produced in the United State when we first started the company, a lot of it was. Today, most of what we sell and service is made in the USA.

Currently, we are still dedicated to servicing and supporting the Agriculture Farmers in the US, especially in the Blueberry Industry, but we have grown to be more than just a labeling equipment supplier. We now also provide contract labeling services…right here in the Good Ole USA!

What is contract labeling you ask? We service clients that need to have their products labeled. Suppliers, end customers, creative people and companies purchase the components and labels from their suppliers and then send them to us to be decorated with a label.

We take pride in knowing that our customers come to us with the most challenging of label applications. The important part is that they keep these services we offer and the services our “competitors/friends” offer in The United States.

Over the years we have lost both large and small accounts because a manufacturing plant opened in another country. Some of our customers decide they can purchase the entire product, container and or labels in another country much cheaper. Exporting these types of services is having a negative effect on our economy and more importantly, on the working people of this great country of ours.

Today, this practice is slowly changing. As the global economy continues to flatten, more opportunities are beginning to shift back to the USA.

There is no question that there is a ton of campaigns such as nightly news shows and blogs featuring stories on “Made in America”. That being said, I would like to expand the movement to include all those who provide services in this great country of ours. Did you say this product was “Done Well in America”? This can be the new slogan for all companies big and small who might not exclusively sell goods made in America but those who dedicate their time and talent in a variety of ways, but proudly do it ONLY in the United States.

I know our company is one of many companies in America who provide services to Americans and are proud to be located in this great country and feel that we are doing our part to help a reemerging American Economy.

Just remember…“DONE Well In America” = jobs right here in The USA.

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