Pro-Motion Industries: Unlocking opportunities with WBENC certification

In honor of International Women’s Day, which celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, Pro-Motion Industries is proud to highlight our commitment to women’s leadership and business ownership. We are a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council- (WBENC) Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and this prestigious certification unlocks a world of opportunities for us and our valued clients.

What is WBENC certification?

Established in 1997, WBENC is a leading nonprofit organization championing the success of women-owned businesses in the United States. Their certification program is the most recognized standard for WBEs and is endorsed by major corporations, government agencies, and municipalities across the country. To earn WBENC certification, a company undergoes a rigorous review process to confirm that at least 51% of the business is owned, controlled, and managed by women. 

For Pro-Motion Industries, the WBENC certification is more than just an accolade. It signifies our alignment with WBENC’s core values: a commitment to fostering innovation, championing diversity, and propelling the success of women-owned businesses. It also allows us to connect with like-minded organizations as well as foster a collaborative and inclusive environment.

How WBENC certification empowers Pro-Motion Industries

Our WBENC certification translates into several exciting possibilities:

Enhanced credibility and recognition

We can use the WBENC-certified WBE seal, which serves as a powerful marketing tool, boosting our brand reputation and credibility in the eyes of potential clients. This trusted symbol signifies our commitment to excellence and adherence to rigorous standards. 

Expanded market reach

Our WBENC certification connects us with a vast pool of potential clients actively searching for qualified WBEs that offer high-quality packaging decoration services. This significantly broadens our market reach and opens doors to new business opportunities that would have been otherwise unavailable to us.

Valuable resources and support

WBENC offers a wealth of resources, such as educational programs, mentorship opportunities, capacity development initiatives, and leadership development programs, that are specifically designed to empower WBEs such as Pro-Motion Industries. Through these resources, we gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape and achieve sustainable growth.

More networking and collaboration opportunities

WBENC fosters a vibrant community of women business owners and procurement specialists. As part of this community, we have formed valuable partnerships and collaboration opportunities, helping us stay at the forefront of industry trends. By collaborating with other WBEs, we can share resources, expertise, and best practices, collectively strengthening our capabilities and offerings.

Fueling this supportive ecosystem are dedicated corporate and government members who are committed to supplier diversity and actively investing in the development of women-owned businesses as key suppliers. 

Leveled playing field

WBENC certification ensures a fair chance to compete for contracts alongside other qualified businesses. It removes any potential bias based on gender ownership, allowing our skills and experience to speak for themselves. This levels the playing field and allows us to compete based on merit and ensure that the best solution wins.

How Pro-Motion Industries’ WBENC certification benefits our clients

As a client of Pro-Motion Industries, you reap the rewards of our WBENC certification in several ways:

Access to high-quality service

Our WBENC certification reflects our unwavering dedication to exceeding our clients’ expectations. We believe that continuous improvement is paramount, and this commitment translates into exceptional service and top-notch package decorating solutions for your needs. The rigorous standards upheld by WBENC ensure that we maintain a focus on quality and innovation, as evidenced by the professionally executed packaging designs and solutions we deliver to you.

Access to a broader network

We leverage our partnerships with other WBENC-certified organizations to gain access to the resources and expertise needed to deliver even more innovative and cost-effective solutions. We can tap into the collective knowledge and capabilities of the WBE community to identify the most effective solutions for your specific needs.

A strong and evolving partnership

Our WBENC certification helps us continuously improve our services and positions us as a strong, reliable supplier that understands and aligns with the evolving needs of diverse businesses. This enables us to address all your brand’s packaging needs, from initial concept to final execution. As your business grows and evolves, we can adapt and grow alongside you, ensuring a long-term partnership built on mutual success. We are constantly innovating and expanding our capabilities to stay ahead of industry trends, so you can be confident that we have the expertise to meet your packaging needs now and in the future.

Enhanced transparency and accountability

WBENC certification signifies that Pro-Motion Industries adheres to rigorous standards of ownership, management, and control. This translates into greater transparency and accountability for you. You can be confident that you’re working with a reliable supplier that operates with integrity and ethical business practices.

Support of diversity and inclusion

Pro-Motion Industries is committed to responsible sourcing and ethical business practices. Partnering with us means you also contribute to fostering a more diverse and inclusive supply chain.

Partner with a WBENC-certified leader in packaging decorating solutions

If you’re looking for a decorating partner that prioritizes excellence, fosters strong relationships, and champions diversity, look no further than Pro-Motion Industries. We are a WBENC-certified WBE with a proven track record of delivering high-quality packaging solutions. Get in touch with us at 856-809-0040 to discuss your packaging decoration needs and discover how we can help your brand achieve extraordinary results.

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