Pro-Motion Handles Adversity Without Missing A Beat

After results of a car crashing through Pro-Motion Industries back in January. Luckily no one was injured.

Pro-Motion Industries recently had quite a mishap when a vehicle visiting a nearby business backed through their building and knocked out their main compressor. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the damage was somewhat significant. Operations Manager Jim Hartman spoke about the incident, “Apparently the driver lost control of the car and was unable to brake before coming through our building. Our staff went immediately into action and purchased 11 small compressors. It sounded like a small airfield in the plant but we did not miss a beat with our customers. Our staff handled it quickly and efficiently. Repairs have since been made and the system has been upgraded with a back-up just in case we have any more mishaps.” Pro-Motion takes pride in being able to do what others say can’t be done…..even when they are up against unimaginable challenges.

Lead Technician Dave Hodgson elated after finally receiving the new compressor

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