Our Collaboration with NEST Fragrances

Recently featured in the QVC Magazine website InsideQ, founder Laura Slatkin introduced her latest collection of olfactory creations for the modern day business woman inspired by seven different types of flora and fauna. These eau de parfums are encased in clear bottles with a simple black top, featured within the container is a picture of the corresponding flower that indicates the scent.

With seven scents to choose from, it’s fair to say that buyers are spoilt for choice:

  • Dahlia & Vines: think daffodils, peony and rose with a hint of garden vine essence
  • White Sandalwood: indulge in the aroma of white Indian sandalwood with rich notes of almond and white musk
  • Indigo: a culmination of Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, black cardamom with dashes of wild fig and bergamot
  • Paradise: following the base of of cedarwood and water nuances come notes of Mediterranean blood orange and white ginger
  • Midnight Fleur: blending exotic woods, patchouli and black amber with sensual notes of of vanilla orchid and night-blooming jasmine
  • Amazon Lily: atop the base of driftwood are lively citrus notes of Brazilian lime and tangerine with a blend of Amazon lilies
  • Passiflora: a trio of flowers, passion flower, water hyacinth and lily of the valley are doused in lush green notes

Keeping Laura’s motto in mind: “It’s so important to make a memorable impact and lasting impression.”, we were tasked to handle the entire process of product labeling. This included everything from choosing the font, utilizing the colors, to finishing overall decoration. In order to truly highlight the alluring quality of the flowers, we opted for a design that was simple, sophisticated and solid.

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