Contract Labeling Solution

Contract decorating

Attractively label a huge range of goods and products: everything from bottles, jars tubes and lids to more memorably shaped items.

Contract Labeling Equipment Sales

Equipment specialists

Whether you are a large or a growing company, we can provide equipment with the flexibility to meet your exacting application needs.

Labeling Equipment Catalog

Labeling Equipment Catalog

We boast one of the most extensive ranges of labeling equipment in the nation. Browse our printers, stands, applicators and labeling systems!

Contract Labeling Consultations

Come talk to the experts

We have years of experience in labeling and solving application problems. If you have any questions or queries, our professionals are ready!

World-Class Labeling Solutions

A good label can make or break a brand. So when you are looking for labeling and packaging solutions, it is best to call the experts. And in New Jersey, that means Pro-Motion.

When it comes to labeling, we can do what other companies can’t!

We’re specialists in Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment and can deliver high quality decorating, from the bold and simple to intricate and complex.

Contract Labeling Services and Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment

We are also known for taking a unique approach. Think bold, fresh and innovative. We can custom design a system for your labeling needs and come up with a solution to any labeling problems or queries.

Let Pro-Motion be your labeling solutions source!

Don't Just Take Our Word On It!

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Contract Labeling Services and Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment