Blueberry Season

Be Fruitful This Season!

It’s getting to that time of year when the blueberries are ripening on their bushes and people’s thoughts turn to delicious jams, pies and muffins. Pro-Motion is the perfect partner if you want to you get your berries to your customers in a way that makes them as attractive to buy as to taste.

Pro-Motion has over two decades of experience working with farmers and growers around the country and our agriculture labeling includes clamshells, carton and individual produce. We also have a team who are experts in “Packing House” labeling applications and installations. This means we can help you along throughout the season, starting before your crop is even ripe with our intensive training from experienced field technicians,

Whether you are buying or renting labeling equipment or simply looking for parts and maintenance Pro-Motion can help you out, improve your efficiency with solid labeling solutions and ensure that your crop gets to consumers in peak condition.

Among the services we offer are:

  • In-line labeling
  • Clamshell labeling
  • Pint labeling
  • Clamshell labels
  • Pint labels
  • Produce labeling

Get the best from your blueberry crop this year!

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