U.S. Senate committee set to examine GMO labeling law

By Carey Gillam

Oct 21 (Reuters) - The battle over whether states can mandate that food containing genetically engineered crops must be labeled moves to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday.

The hearing in the Senate agriculture committee comes after the U.S. House of Representatives in July passed a measure that would block any mandatory GMO labeling by states and instead set a national voluntary standard.

Why 3-day weekends are good for you

A glorious three-day weekend has arrived for (most) “knowledge workers,” that euphemistic term for those of us who spend our days hunched over a keyboard, eyes locked for hours at a time on the screen ahead.

But here’s the thing: The bulk of the research in medicine, sleep, cognitive science, and organizational psychology overwhelmingly suggests that a shorter workweek should be the norm rather than the holiday-weekend exception.

45 Ideas of How To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Are you a fan of sustainable design? Then, you’ve come to the right place! We present you today 45 ideas of how to recycle plastic bottles and obtain decorative objects. For example, Michelle Brand designed an aesthetic curtain most people would perceive to be waste or rubbish.

Shrink-sleeve labels—best practices and production tips

There are many advantages to shrink sleeves from a consumer interaction perspective.

Shrink sleeves offer a fully maximized packaging canvas for shelf impact, branding, marketing, and product information. There is a premium price for these advantages, but if you factor in—and take advantage of—all the capabilities and secondary savings, switching to shrink sleeves can be a cost-effective way to invigorate your packaging.

Why the Best Bosses Are Flexible

June 5th, 2015

I became a boss at UPS when I was only 21. I was a student at the University of Houston, working as a part-time supervisor for UPS at one of its many package-sorting hubs in that city. I still remember my manager instilling in me the importance of consistency.

CIBS Ladies Day Luncheon 2015

Ice sculptures featuring this year's Nashville theme

This year's entertainment featuring a cowboy from Brooklyn and Country Western Band Northern Comfort