Improve Sales with Clamshell Packaging

As any manufacturer knows, the kind of packaging that you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your product. Many companies spend thousands of dollars each year researching the best kinds of packaging to use for different products. According to a study conducted by the Clemson University CUShop, many customers prefer to purchase items in clamshell packaging.

Done Well in America

By Kelly Cone

Many years ago, we started our small company with the hope of achieving the American Dream.

It was a tenuous challenge at first as we struggled to find a home for our business, build a customer base and pay the bills. Eventually, we found our company’s home in a small town in NJ and in this small town, we found our first customers, “The American Farmer”.

While not all of our equipment was produced in the United State when we first started the company, a lot of it was.

A Tradition of Excellence

Label applications by Pro-Motion have won two gold awards for the 2012 Package of the Year as recognized by the NJPEC

Oscar De La Renta "Live in Love" Eau De Parfum Gold award for Fragrance

Midnight Fleur, Amazon Lily, and Passiflora" Eau De Parful Spray
Gold award for Graphics


Pro-Motion Team at the NJPEC Package of the year awards

The Pro-Motion team (from left to right, Shawn Cone-Account Mgr, Jim Hartman-Operations Mgr, Bill Milford-Director of Operations for Oscar De La Renta and Rob Hodgson - President) accepting the Oscar De La Renta “Live in Love” Eau De Parfum

Gold award for Fragrance presented at the NJPEC Package of the year awards (www.