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The Wrap Up – Things Product Packages Must Do

By Chris | December 13, 2018

Owners put a lot of faith in things such as marketing and raising brand awareness to boost sales and profits. The truth is a piece of wrapping paper can have the most significant effect this Christmas. While people assume customers make rational, informed decisions, in reality, they act on instinct. Individuals spot something they like and decide to buy it at that moment.

This revelation makes product packaging more important to the cause than ever before. After all, it should ensure everyone knows what it is, who it is, and how it helps.

Here are the ways you can ensure this happens.

Be On The Cusp
No, not of a great idea but something more creative. Standing out is the key to packaging. However, it isn’t enough to shout louder and with added vigor. Products must grab the attention of the shopper and make them feel something deep inside their bodies. To do that, marketers like to use cusp designs as they trigger the right emotions. Curves are another alternative too. Because of their sharp, pointy nature, cusps are impossible to miss on the shelf, whether online or in-store. Curves are better for homely, comfortable items.

Make Eye Contact
It’s possible to do this without having to deal with shoppers face-to-face. As long as the packaging is making direct eye contact, the person will have to shoot back a glance. Why? It’s because it’s human nature to check out the people who look our way on a train or the street. You can exploit this hack by ensuring everything is in the eye line of the customer and doesn’t look past them. Plus, there is nothing wrong with using images of people so that there is a form of eye contact on display. Other than that, round shapes will act as a substitute.

Simplify Things
There are too many features on an average shelf for customers to notice everything. In a weird twist of fate, it isn’t the stuff which is overly complicated that has the desired results. Instead, it’s the simple things that grab the eye today. This is down to customers being bombarded with as many as advancements as possible. Therefore, using basic graphics and descriptions will provide a moment of clarity for the shopper. Plus, they’ll be happy a company has finally used labeling solutions that don’t require a master’s degree. Check out Buster to see this in action.

Appeal To Kids
The five-year-old test is when you send a child into a store to find a specific item. You give them the description and see what they come back with. The reason this is important is that it means it’s effective. If a five-year-old can spot the packaging, an adult will be able to see it clearly too. Also, it proves the customer is acting on instinct as kids won’t analyze their purchases. Last but not least, there must be an element of simplicity.

Otherwise, a five-year-old wouldn’t spot the packaging among the crowd.

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