10 Awesome 4th of July Traditions

10 Awesome 4th of July Traditions


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By Brett & Kate McKay | June 28, 2018

A man has a healthy appreciation for positive traditions. Traditions add rhythm and texture to our lives, bind us together with others, give us something to look forward to, and simply provide a good deal of joy and satisfaction.

When it comes to traditions in my family, no day of the year is filled with more of them than the Fourth of July. My family has always done Independence Day up big, bigger even than Christmas. The day is filled with activities from morning until night; my family loves to cram as much fun as possible into the holiday. Growing up, the 4th of July created a lot of great boyhood memories, and now it’s a day I truly look forward to as it brings my whole family back together.

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Source: Artofmanliness.com